When surgical procedures are necessary, Thompson Dental provides excellent care to patients in our community. From routine tooth extractions to procedures that increase oral function and overall health, our team will provide attentive, gentle and customized care that suits your unique needs. The following is some helpful information on some of our most common surgical services.

Tooth Extractions

While we take all measures to preserve teeth and prevent the need for extractions, sometimes removing teeth is a necessity for protecting a patient’s dental health and quality of life. In addition to the removal of a tooth because it is damaged or diseased beyond saving, our practice extracts wisdom teeth. Third molars (wisdom teeth) are very problematic when retained because they rarely erupt properly. Instead, they become lodged in the gums and bone. Partially exposed, wisdom teeth can make a straight smile crooked, contribute to oral infections and create quality of life issues such as orofacial pain and TMJ disorder.

When removing teeth, we utilize local anesthetics and sedating medications (when necessary) to ensure that our guests receive comfortable treatment. After a tooth’s removal, patients will temporarily need to eat a diet of liquid and soft foods and take certain medications so that they can enjoy a speedy recovery.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best prosthetics available for treating tooth loss. These durable and biocompatible replacement teeth renew oral function and support the entire oral health system. An implant is a prosthetic that replaces a missing tooth’s root. After the implant is placed in the jawbone, patients will undergo a recovery phase of treatment that will allow the bone to generate new tissue that fuses around the dental implant. Once the implant becomes stable, a custom prosthetic like a dental crown or bridge will be attached to an abutment to finish the tooth replacement process. Crowns and bridges are made from natural looking materials so that the visible structure of the prosthetic improves the appearance of one’s smile.

Gum Grafts (Periodontal Surgery)

Like teeth, our gums can become damaged by disease. Gum grafts are a surgical treatment option for restoring the gingiva after damage from periodontal disease. A gum graft involves taking oral tissue from one part of the mouth and suturing it over the area in need of treatment.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that exposes more of a tooth’s structure. This procedure is beneficial for patients in need of extensive restorations like crowns or if there is an overgrowth of gingival tissue. Having a tooth’s crown lengthened involves surgically removing gum tissue and/or bone and then reattaching the gingiva to the newly lowered gum line.

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Patient Reviews

The first time I used Thompson dental was last September, I had some periodontal work done. Since then I continue to get regular checkups and cleanings done at regular intervals. The staff that Dr. Thompson has is grade A, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for dental work / treatment. Top it all off everyone that he works with are incredibly friendly and welcoming, this makes all those dentist jitters go away. Top scores for everyone at Thompson Dental.


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Dr. Thompson was there for me when I needed him the most.
I had an old crown that fell, and my teeth were hurting! I tried to go to dentists, but no one would see me same day. Dr. Thompson did. His stuff was very polite and friendly. They helped me see the Dr in 15 minutes, he did an initial examination and was able to treat me the same day (only 1 hour later). I was so happy! I highly recommend Dr. Thompson to anyone.


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Dr. Thompson was so great and funny and I genuinely felt like I had been going to him for years. They discovered only one small issue and I was able to get in the next day to get that taken care of. It was a small cosmetic fix to a few of my front teeth. That only took 45 minutes to fix and I was super impressed… I definitely recommend Dr. Thompson and his entire staff to help you out with your dental needs!


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Common Questions

Wisdom teeth typically require extraction because they can cause some serious oral health concerns. Wisdom teeth emerge during one’s late teens or early twenties. Since these teeth come in so much later, they often lack the room to erupt fully because the rest of the permanent teeth in the mouth are well established. Crowding, caused by the arrival of wisdom teeth, can lead to oral infections like periodontal disease and abscesses as well as TMJ disorder, malocclusions, and improperly spaced teeth. Having wisdom teeth extracted can greatly reduce your risks for many oral health problems as well as improve your quality of life.

The cost of dental implants varies from person to person depending on his or her unique situation. Sometimes people require prerequisite treatments like grafting procedures and periodontal therapy prior to receiving dental implants. Another factor associated with the cost of treatment is whether a person has dental insurance. Those without insurance will have to pay for their costs out-of-pocket. Every dental insurance plan is different, too. It is best to speak with our staff and your dental insurance provider on what benefits your plan includes so that you can get an accurate estimate of costs for your treatment.

Gums are an essential part of the oral health system. In addition to jawbone, the gingiva provides support for teeth. Gingiva also protects the roots of teeth from oral debris. If gums are damaged by periodontal disease or dental injuries, gum grafts can aid in restoring lost gum tissue needed to support teeth. A gum graft involves taking soft oral tissue from another part of the mouth and surgically attaching it to the area where the gingiva is in need of new tissue. After treatment, the grafted tissue will fuse to existing tissue.  

Sometimes the gums can grow excessively and cover too much of a tooth’s crown. The crown is the visible and biting structure of a tooth. Crown lengthening is a procedure that exposes more of the crown by removing excess gum tissue and/or bone. Crown lengthening is useful for cosmetic reasons, the placement of restorations, and the treatment of gum disease. If our dentist recommends crown lengthening, it is because it will increase your oral function and improve your health.


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