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Relax and Take the Edge Off with Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistry McKinneySedation dentistry is the ideal solution for patients suffering from severe anxiety; the inability to sit or recline comfortably (many medical conditions make longer procedures extremely uncomfortable); physical or mental limitations (sedation can make many procedures more comfortable for the patient and allows the dentist to perform needed treatment without interruption); and can even help with common problems like a gag reflex … there are ways that make needed dental care easier on all involved.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

There are different degrees of sedation; with oral surgery the level of sedation is deeper. For many dental offices, nitrous oxide is readily available which places the patient in a state of mild euphoria. A nose cone is used to dispense nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen; at the conclusion of treatment, patients are immediately restored to a state of normalcy allowing them to drive.

With oral sedation therapy, the patient is prescribed a sedative to be taken at home about one hour before their scheduled appointment. The patient requires transportation both to and from the dental appointment as these sedatives prevent them from driving.

Upon arrival at the dental office, the patient is provided additional sedatives and is continually monitored throughout their appointment to make sure vital signs remain normal. And although not rendered unconscious, most patients feel as if they slept throughout their procedure.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me? 

Your dentist requires additional training to offer the sedatives used in sedation dentistry. And the office must be equipped with the needed monitoring equipment; the assisting staff must be trained as well. For many patients, the anxiety felt when entering a dental office prevents them from seeking needed dental care for years. If your dentist offers sedation dentistry and you or a family member fit the need for it, a consultation is often required before proceeding.

And remember, more than just the extremely fearful can benefit from sedation dentistry. Lengthy dental procedures can be completed in less time when the patient remains still; patient safety and comfort are your dentist’s priority for any dental procedure. If you feel you can benefit from any level of sedation, contact our team at Thompson Dental today.

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