Thompson Dental offers an array of general dentistry services including preventive treatments. General dentistry is essential to preserving the health of teeth and gums for a lifetime, and patients of all ages benefit from receiving routine checkups and cleanings. When necessary, our team at Thompson Dental is equipped to provide restorative, periodontal and cosmetic treatments that enhance health, oral function and the aesthetics of teeth.


Dental Checkups

Dental checkups are necessary for detecting potential problems and disease as soon as possible. The sooner disease or damage is detected, the more conservative the treatment a patient will require. In most cases, conservative treatments are far more affordable than treatment used to correct or protect advanced oral diseases. During checkups, Dr. Thompson will look for signs of common conditions like dental caries and periodontal disease along with potential problems like enamel loss and tooth wear. A checkup will also include an oral cancer screening. Our practice utilizes advanced technology to reveal disease as soon as possible. Some of our diagnostic tools include digital radiography (X-rays) and intraoral cameras.


Professional Cleanings

Like checkups, professional cleanings are important for keeping the oral health system in optimal shape. Cleanings remove harmful substances that we cannot remove on our own with hygiene practices like flossing and brushing. Moreover, receiving dental cleanings at least twice a year can greatly reduce your risk for developing periodontal (gum) disease. Cleanings are gentle and effective.

Preventive Services

The objective of preventive dental services is to thwart disease by strengthening teeth. Two of our most popular preventive services are fluoride treatments and dental sealants. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, and when applied to teeth in a gel or varnish form, it can strengthen tooth enamel by replenishing lost minerals. A dental sealant involves applying a thin plastic compound in liquid form over the biting surfaces of teeth, and a curing light is used to harden it. Sealants keep bacteria from accumulating in the pits and grooves of the biting surfaces of teeth, thus reducing the risk of dental caries and decay. Other preventive options patients have to safeguard their health are the fabrication of custom mouth guards and night guards. Mouth guards are worn during sports and physical activities to prevent facial and dental injuries. Night guards are worn during sleep to protect both biological teeth and restorations from damage caused by clenching and grinding teeth.

Thompson Dental serves patients of all ages from McKinney and the surrounding areas. Call our practice today to schedule a checkup or cleaning!

Patient Reviews

From the moment I walked in, every person I spoke to was warm, inviting and understanding.  I explained my fears and Dr. Thompson and team went far out of their way to keep my mind at ease and me relaxed through the entire process.  By the time I left that day, I had made appointments for both my children, whose teeth had been basically neglected for years because of my fear.


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We were new to DFW about a year and half ago and we are so HAPPY to have found Dr Thompson right around the Corner from our House.  We are really impressed with the Friendliness of the Staff and the Professionalism of Dr Thompson.  Everyone takes a interest in you and is concerned for your overall health and well-being.  We will continue to go back to Dr Thompson for all of our Dental needs.


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They use all newer technology and explain everything for you.  To say they’re thorough is an understatement.  I knew I probably had some issues and once determined, they gave me a precise price sheet so I knew exactly my out-of-pocket costs before agreeing to treatment. That was helpful… The staff is great, the level of expertise is clearly seen, and they do it open and honestly.


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Common Questions

Your teeth should be professionally cleaned every six months. Dental cleanings are necessary because we cannot remove all the plaque (and subsequent tartar) that accumulates with just brushing and flossing. Once plaque hardens into tartar, it can only be scraped away with specialized, handheld instruments.

Fillings are the least invasive type of restoration and our guests overwhelmingly report positive and comfortable experiences during treatment. A filling only treats a small area of tooth decay and therefore does not involve more sensitive structures like nerve endings. Our team will administer local anesthetics as a precautionary measure to ensure that discomfort is not an issue. While feeling discomfort is unusual, patients will feel slight pressure during treatment. After the filling is placed, the tooth will be protected from the cavity deepening in the future.

Tooth decay is the second most common infectious disease in the United States. The bacteria that cause cavities are passed orally from person to person, normally from parents to their children. Since tooth decay is incredibly common and can affect people of any age, it is important to take preventive measures to safeguard the health of teeth.

The first line of defense with tooth decay is to practice proper oral hygiene. People of all ages should brush twice a day and floss daily. Beyond oral hygiene, receiving regular checkups and cleanings is important for the detection of tooth decay and signs of tooth wear, which can increase the risk for caries. Those vulnerable to tooth decay might benefit from preventive services like dental sealants and fluoride treatments to help strengthen teeth and create a barrier between cavity-causing bacteria.

If you have a toothache, you should call Thompson Dental as soon as possible. Early stage tooth decay is usually asymptomatic. When the tooth begins to hurt, it normally means that the cavity has reached the inner, more sensitive structure of teeth. If you have a toothache, it is important to schedule a checkup as soon as possible since many times, a toothache signifies deep decay and possibly an inflamed root canal. Treating a toothache may involve restorations like fillings or crowns and endodontic therapy.


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Meet Dr. Thompson

Dr. Thompson is an accomplished dentist, Air Force veteran, and is a member of the ADA, the Texas Dental Association, and the North Texas Dental Society. Along with contributing to the community and serving his patients, Dr. Thompson enjoys spending time with his family and friends and is very involved with his church, Cottonwood Creek Baptist.

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