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How Dental Implants Can Reduce Long-term Dental Costs

implant dentistry McKinneyDental implants are a permanent solution for tooth loss that has occurred due to trauma, deep decay, or untreated infection. While keeping a natural tooth is always a better option, there are times when a tooth is no longer salvageable; a dental implant will allow the patient to have their tooth replaced with a natural solution that is designed to last for their lifetime.

Implant dentistry has become a much more readily available solution for tooth loss. Your implant dentist is trained to restore tooth loss allowing you to once again eat the foods you love, speak clearly, and smile with confidence knowing your new teeth look great and will act just like your natural teeth.

The implant itself is a small titanium post that is surgically placed in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. Based on the number of teeth being replaced, your implant dentist will place posts as needed.

A healing period follows placement. During this time your jaw bone is going to fuse with the implant integrating it to become a permanent part of your dental anatomy. This process is known as osseointegration.

Other tooth replacement options your dentist may have offered may not provide the same advantages you are afforded with dental implants. Removable teeth are likely going to need replacement, relining, or ongoing repairs.

Once dental implants are in place, your restoration can be treated just like biological teeth. You will brush and floss daily, and regular six month visits with your dentist will keep all your teeth healthy and looking their best.

The many advantages of dental implants include being able to eat anything on the menu. You will be able to once again chew with all your teeth. You no longer have to be concerned that your dentition may move when you speak or laugh; restorations permanently affixed to your dental implants will never move.

The implant itself is designed to be in place for life. Just like a dental crown may require replacing eventually (although many crowns also last a lifetime), that is the only concern you may have regarding your implanted tooth.

There is no special care needed to keep your restoration looking great. Once your implant procedure is completed, you can literally forget that tooth loss ever occurred. Long-term dental repairs and costs can be prevented by choosing dental implants.

Start your journey to a new smile with dental implants and contact our McKinney dentist office!

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